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You + Your Dog = True Love

For Singles who are fortunate to share their life with a pooch, you already know that you have the best Valentine around!

Yahoo News reported that one in five people would prefer to spend Valentine's Day with their pet over their partner!

So here are a few ways to celebrate Valentines Day with your furry tail-wagging love bug!

1. Make up a batch of popcorn, snuggle up with your pup and watch your favorite movie. Hopefully it will not be a movie reflecting how dead your romance life is. If tears are involved, your pup is happy to lick those tears away!

2. Go on a fun get away! Do it with your favorite furry companion. Take a walk on the beach, head to a nature trail or an Off Leash Dog Park. How about visiting a dog-friendly city like San Diego, California, Portland Oregon, Boston, Mass. or Long Island, New York.

3. Last but not least, share some love - make a donation in your dogs name to an animal rescue group or shelter. Check around and find an organization that feels right for the two of you.

February"s Valentine Portrait Feature

A French Bulldog -Sweetheart, "Franklin"

It's all about the Love!

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