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3 Praises for Your Amazing Dog!! (without food)

1. Play Games - You are your dogs most favorite playmate. Playing tug of war, throwing the ball, frisbee or stick for your dog is a great reward as well as a powerful-relationship tool.

2. Take a Walk - A 30-60 minute walk/hike a day to your dog is a benefit, a primal fulfillment. Oh and the greatest praise? Stop and let them sniff... this is how they get to know the history the of the area, through their nose. Think of it as an aerobic exploration. A win-win!

3. Eye Contact - Your dog looks up to you for your approval. Your gentle eye contact with your pooches adoring eyes, speaks volumes!

...and now the News

My portraits are headed to Ireland to be featured in an

Irish lifestyle Magazine for their Spring and Mothers Day issues!

(i'll keep you posted!)

This Months New Locations for my Portraits

My Dog Portraits will be exhibited and represented

by the following locations - Commissions open!

"All the Dogs-Dog Boutique"

13 S. Church Street West Chester Pennsylvania


A New Dog Store-Boutique opening on March 20th, 2018!

Riverfront Pets

311 Justison Street Wilmington, Delaware


Grooming - Toys - Food & more

PET Everything!!

Valentines Day Winner

We all had a fun Valentine Mingle at Riverfront Pets

The Delaware Humane Association brought the

sweetest puppies available for adoption.

I came so close to bringing a pup home!!!!... won't be long!

In addition to meeting & mingling with all of the dogs & pet lovers,

I held a Special V- Day Raffle!!

The Prize - A 6"x 6" Custom Dog Portrait

Congratulations to the Winner

Gail Gallagher!

February's Dog Portrait Donation

Guest Bartending Event

Support for The National Brain Tumor Society

4019 Kennett Pike

Greenville, Delaware

Happy Birthday to George Washington!

Chat Soon!


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