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Happy St Patrick's Day!

The Irish Wolfhound

The Great Wolfhound of Ireland.

The dog's great size, 2' 8" to 2' 115 to 180 lbs, made this breed an important addition to the Roman wars. The Irish Wolfhound was originally used to drag men

off of their horses and chariots.

In addition they were great large game hunters. Don't worry today they wont drag you or your kids off of your bikes!

As of this century...

This breed is an big affectionate love bug. A friendly personality that loves children and other dogs! Oh and according to this photo... maybe couches!

I can kinda relate to this guy's look today, I've been painting a lot!

Fun Facts

1. Internal Clock

Did you know that dogs have an internal clock? Yep, they know when it's time to play, take walks, eat meals, and when you and family come home from your busy days!

2. Colorblind

Experts think that Dogs are red and green colorblind. Purchasing blue and yellow toys are the colors to look for when purchasing your Pooch's assortment of toys!

3. Lets Play!

Want to know what a dogs favorite game is? Fetch? Nope, fetch needs to be taught. "Tug of War" is the favorite. Dogs love this innate game of you trying to take a sock ball, rope or rubber toy, from them. Good arm workout!

If you are Lucky...

A Dog will come into your life,

steal your heart and change everything

Hope you have a great month!

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