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6 Signs that Scream "You are a Dog Mom!"

I am definitely a Dog Mom at heart!

Dog Moms share a special bond with their pups, and we know now that our dogs enrich our lives in a zillion ways. Did you know that just by looking into a dog's eyes, the maternal happiness hormone Oxytocin is produced?

Life is better with a Dog!

6 Signs that Scream You are a Dog Mom!

...and you wouldn't have it any other way

1. Your pooch has his/her own Facebook, Instagram or Twitter page. Maybe even receives a paycheck!

2. Your social life has a time limit, because your dog has been home alone too long.

3. You celebrate holidays with gifts for your dog, lots of monogrammed and personalized doggie products.

4. Your friend gets a new puppy and you throw a puppy shower.

5. You think it is so thoughtful that when instead of jewelry your family, partner, friends give you custom art work of your dog.

6. You sign your name and your dog's name to your holiday and special cards and emails.

I feel like a Dog Mom to every dog

that is commissioned. I love looking into the dog's eyes,

even if it is just a photo sent to me by a client!


Side by Side Photo/Painting of this Sweet German Shepherd -Wilmington Delaware

Custom Dog Portrait Commissions Open

Mother's Day - May 12

Everything is done online - Everywhere

Just email a a clear photo of your furry family member

Please give your furry 4 legged love a hug for me!


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