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Loving Your Dog Does Your Heart Good!

Loving Your Dog = Good Health!

Our Dogs can help us with Stress Relief & so much more!

Emotional Benefits...

Just petting or playing with your dog can reduces stress and anxiety. In addition to lowering blood pressure, your loving interaction with your pooch can increase a stress reducing hormone oxytocin and decrease production of the stress hormone cortisol. That is a pretty big holistic remedy!

Physical Benefits...

Our responsibility towards our dogs include a proven stress reducer and a great exercise motivator, ...Walking! On average, dog owners walk more often and take longer walks. Our Dogs need us for this exercise, which in-turn proves to be a positive influence on us.

Social Benefits...

Your dog's companionship and unconditional

love seems to eliminate that feeling of loneliness. "People" interactions are more likely to happen because people with dogs are perceived as more approachable then those without... You know, a dog lover can't walk by you and your adorable four legged friend, without a friendly comment or two! Oh and how about Dog Parks? They have to be one of the friendliest and happiest places on earth!

Loving your Dog is good for Your Heart, Mind & Soul!

Riverfront Pets in Wilmington Delaware

Look at my big dogs!! Hanging very well in Riverfront Pet's Self Wash area.

Seriously, this boutique & spa is so gorgeous and I love being part of it!

12x12 "Boxer Portrait Commission
Client's Photo on the left Painted Portrait on the right

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