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Dogs have the "Gift" of Poor Memory

3 Facts about Dogs

1. Dogs have terrible short-term memories

Dogs have the "gift" of poor memory.

Tease them, annoy them. You get to have your fun then within a couple of minutes your pooch will forget all about it and treat you like their bestie within a minute or two!

Dogs do not hold grudges!.

2. Dogs have great long-term memories

While your dog will forget that you hid the ball, after making them crazy, they wont forget the connection that they share with you. Dogs know that you love them by how you treat them, by being good to them, you will leave a lasting impact on them that they'll never lose. This is where their loyalty, dedication and the "just wanting to be with you" develops into an amazing relationship.

3. Dogs can be as smart as two year old children

Our four legged barkers have the ability to learn . Border Collies so far top the intelligence category, some clever collies understand up to 200 words! Next on the smartie pants list are Poodles, German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers and Dobermans. (I am sure your pooch is a genius!)

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